03232 - Museum Grade Unique Rare 0.60 Inch Alanqa Saharica Cretaceous Pterodactyl Dentary Bone
03232 - Museum Grade Unique Rare 0.60 Inch Alanqa Saharica Cretaceous Pterodactyl Dentary Bone 03232 - Museum Grade Unique Rare 0.60 Inch Alanqa Saharica Cretaceous Pterodactyl Dentary Bone

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03232 - Museum Grade Unique Rare 0.60 Inch Alanqa Saharica Cretaceous Pterodactyl Dentary Bone

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Alanqa saharica, Ibrahim et al. 2010
Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage, (~96 Million Years)
Taouz, Errachidia province, South Morocco
Ifezouane Formation, Red Sandstone Beds, KemKem Basin
15.3 mm   •    in
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This is one of the most unique and extraordinary specimens of our Pterosaurs collection. It is the dentary bone (lower jaw) of a strange and little-known species of the North African Cretaceous. This type of fossils are extremely rare. In fact, similar specimens are impossible to find anywhere in the market. 

Its morphology resembles very much that of the dentition rests published recently by Ibrahim et al. (2010), where a new genus and species of Pterosaur belonging to the Azhdarchidae family is described. It is the Alanqa saharica (Holotype specimen FSAC-KK 26).
With the following link you can visit the scientific article published by its discoverers:
Alanqa saharica

This new and recent species is only known because of a few rests, mainly belonging to the mandibular symphysis. This new taxon is distinguished from other azhdarchids by a remarkably straight, elongate, lance-shaped mandibular symphysis that bears a pronounced dorsal eminence near the posterior end of its dorsal (occlusal) surface. (Ibrahim et al., A new pterosaur (Pterodactyloidea: Azhdarchidae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Morocco. 2010).

This specimen is absolutely unique and worthy of new comparative studies with the already published rests. Its discovery was made in the most basal part of the stratigraphic levels corresponding to the red sandstones of the upper member of the Ifezouane Formation.

It does not have any restoration or reparation. In fact, in the occlusion area still numerous sensory pits along both sides and within the tongue groove can be observed.
Without doubt, this piece deserves its exhibition in any scientific collection or museum exhibition.
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