Cyphaspis ("Devil Horned")

Cyphaspis is a genus of small trilobite that lived from the Late Ordovician to the Late Devonian. Fossils have been found in marine strata in what is now Europe, Africa and North America. Various species had a compact body, and a large, bulbous glabellum. Many species had long spines arranged similarly to closely related genera, such as Otarion, Otarionella, Chamaeleoaspis, and Namuropyge.

Cyphaspis, Burmeister 1843 (trilobite)
Trilobita - Proetida - Aulacopleuridae

Parent taxon: Otarioninae according to J. M. Adrain and G. J. Kloc 1997

See also Jell and Adrain 2002, Sepkoski 2002, Thomas and Owens 1978 and Warburg 1925

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Cyphaspis agayuara, Cyphaspis eberhardiei, Cyphaspis globosus, Cyphaspis hamidi

Ecology: fast-moving low-level epifaunal deposit feeder

Environments: marine, carbonate, reef, buildup or bioherm, slope, deep subtidal ramp, deep subtidal, shallow subtidal, deep subtidal shelf, coastal, offshore

Age range: 449.5 to 383.7 Ma


• Devonian of Australia , Colombia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Morocco, United States ( Alaska, Iowa, Oklahoma), Uzbekistan.

• Silurian of Canada ( Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario), the United Kingdom, United States ( Indiana, New York, Tennessee)

• Ordovician of Sweden, United States ( Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri)

Cyphaspis sp : Fossilworks (Paleobiology Database)