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Who we are

Jurassic Dreams is the world's largest online dinosaur fossils store, unrivaled as the most reputable source for authentic fossil specimens. We are the only leading online fossils store owned by an accredited paleontology expert. In addition, we have extraordinary authentic meteorites specimens from all over the universe.

With dozens of different species in stock from dinosaurs, reptiles, sharks... our customers come back time and again. Because, simply put, our lifetime guarantee is unbeatable.

Juan A. PobladorMy name is Juan A. Poblador and I have a strong academic background in Paleontology and Geology from the University of Madrid and University of Alicante. I have participated in fossil excavation projects in several locations mainly in Europe and Africa for over 10 years. Writing scientifically accurate descriptions of every specimen is one of the tasks that consume most of my time. What I like the most is discovering rare or new species (yes, I have done that). Obviously, recognizing fake and restored fossils is second nature to me. So you can be sure that every fossil in this website has been carefully screened and inspected by me.

I have served collectors and fossil enthusiasts over the years. I have also supplied museums and institutions.

I combine the study and research of significant specimens with the exhibition and selling of the other numerous finds, which help keep funding the new expeditions.

Germán Z. LópezAdditionally, Germán Z. López is a paleontology enthusiast that collaborates with us with interesting blog posts. He collected his first fossil at the age of nine and has not stopped since. In recent years has appeared in several TV shows. He is a member of the Nature Institute of Araba and is well versed in the fossil quarries of the North of Spain. He has his own blog in Spanish: Made in Pangea. Some of his posts are made available in English and featured at Jurassic Dreams.

Additionally, I have a small team of support staff for the logistics. I've personally trained them for the proper handling and packing of the fossils so that they can be always shipped within 24 hours and arrive to your door in one piece.

Last but not least, I'm fortunate for having a great network of other seasoned paleontologists with which I discuss about the rarest items, new discoveries, exploration trips to remote quarries... If I do not know something, the paleontological community really helps out.

I like to manage Jurassic Dreams as a well curated online exhibition of museum grade pieces. I'm a collector myself and I love to share the knowledge with other fellow collectors. That's why I will respond to any email when you have any doubt or when you buy, and you'll have a personalized fossil selection experience. 

Nonetheless, because of all the people who collaborates directly or indirectly with Jurassic Dreams, it's only fair to speak as "we" instead of "I" throughout this text and in all the online store.

Most of our fossils are sold in the United States. However, we do sell worldwide, and we have had customers from 60+ countries over the years, being most of them from the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the European Union.

Why the name Jurassic Dreams if most of what you sell is from the Cretaceous? Simple, Jurassic is a better known word by the public. So, we did like in the famous movie, where many of the Dinosaurs were from the Cretaceous, but they named it with the J-word :) Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS)

Jurassic Dreams a proud member of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS) and abide by its Code of Ethics. The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences conforms to the recommendations of The National Academy of Sciences Report on Paleontological Collecting (PDF) and standard business practices and ethics.

We are always interested in talking with other paleo-enthusiasts. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

In addition, we are the certified member #5681 of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA). The IMCA is the most prestigious association helping meteorite collectors in their search for Authentic Meteorites for their collections and assisting others in helping to learn more about meteorites.

We always post in Facebook about the latest fossils in stock: check it out.

Kem Kem Basin, MoroccoPanoramic view from the Kem Kem Basin, Morocco 

Why we are different

You might say: "So what? Just another online fossil store…" Well, let’s see if we can prove you wrong.

The reasons start with the approach. For many people having a fossil store is just a business. They might like dinosaurs, sure… but ultimately for them is just about buying cheap and selling for the biggest possible profit. We put Paleontology first. We have devoted years of study to it. We have held many specimens in our hands, first researching and trying to advance in the field before just making a profit out of it, spending a lot of resources in the proper identification of fossils.

Quality. Accuracy. Security. Authenticity

  • A smartphone picture or a low quality image cannot provide the fossil enthusiasts’ with enough insight into most of the specimens. On the other hand, a very photoshopped image can also give the wrong impression. That is why we photograph our products with a great DSLR camera on high resolution with special clear lenses. In addition, we utilize professional white lights (so called “day lights”) with 5500K and with a very high color rendering index (CRI) 90+ so that what you see in the picture is really what you get.
  • A short and generic description, even when well-intentioned, cannot compete with a professional scientific description such as the ones I was trained to provide after all my years of experience and academic study. If this is not done right, the prospective buyer does not have all the necessary data before making an informed buying decision. And for the subject matter experts, for museum managers looking for the next great exhibition piece, for seasoned collectors… this is what they really deserve.
  • Stay legal. There might be dealers out there offering all kind of exotic specimens with a doubtful origin. We only sell legally obtained fossils. Either we digged them ourselves or we bought them from reputable providers that passed our screening and inspection and provide a complete provenance data sheet.
    • A fake fossil does nothing but cheat a genuinely interested person into buying something for a higher price than it should pay for a replica, and sometimes they are really difficult to recognize. From black lights to special analysis methods, we have all the equipment, know-how and expertise to detect fakes. And we have been doing that for years. You would not believe what some “fossil-artisans” out there are able to craft. We have seen claws sculptured out of real bigger dinosaur bones so that the X-Rays would not detect anything. We have seen real masterpieces of theropod teeth composites. We have seen trilobites with texture patterns in their eyes so well reproduced that only by a chemical analysis of a small grain sample you could figure out what a great fake it was. Trust our experience in detecting fake fossils. We only sell genuine pieces. And because we are so sure of that, all come with a certificate of authenticity and 100% money back guarantee.

    We offer serious, rigorous, advice. If someone has a question with regards to an item, we will respond in the most possible accurate manner, oftentimes spending several hours or even days researching to find the most scientifically correct answer. Our target is to have an extremely well curated catalog, an online shop with the standards of a paleontological museum. Actually… we have quite some museum grade pieces for sale.


    Kem Kem Yellow SandstonesJuan A. Poblador, roaming the Yellow Sandstone Beds, Kem Kem Basin 

    Our Specialization

    Most our fossil excavation expeditions are performed in the North of Africa, in Morocco. We have traveled over the years to many of the Sahara remote areas in the search for the perfect excavation sites. For example, the Kem Kem basin is one of our specialties and we collaborate with local miners to advice on potential excavation areas as well as improvement methods for their digging practices. Sometimes, the methodology that local miners use is very destructive and many valuable pieces are lost. They just want to extract as much as possible, restore it and sell it in bulk.

    We, as subject matter experts, try as much as possible to teach, help and advise the diggers on the excavation methods and even supply with better tools. This way, unlike other fossil sellers, our fossils have detailed descriptions about the place where they were found, providing a much more accurate insight into the background of each piece, because we have seen ourselves the sites from where the pieces have been extracted.

    Contact Us

    Feel free to contact us by email or phone. Simply go to the Contact section.