Gerastos is a genus of trilobite in the order Proetida that lived between the Pragian and Eifelian of the Lower-Middle Devonian, spanning approximately 21 million years.

Gerastos, Goldfuss 1843 (trilobite)
Trilobita - Proetida - Proetidae

Parent taxon: Proetidae according to P. A. Jell and J. M. Adrain 2002

See also Sepkoski 2002

Ecology: fast-moving low-level epifaunal deposit feeder

Environments: marine, reef, buildup or bioherm, deep subtidal, shallow subtidal 

Age range: 409.1 to 383.7 Ma


• Daleje of the Czech Republic 

• Devonian of Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Morocco.

Gerastos sp: Fossilworks (Paleobiology Database)