04226 - Rare Neoceratodus africanus Tooth From Kem Kem Basin
04226 - Rare Neoceratodus africanus Tooth From Kem Kem Basin 04226 - Rare Neoceratodus africanus Tooth From Kem Kem Basin

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04226 - Rare Neoceratodus africanus Tooth From Kem Kem Basin

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Neoceratodus africanus (Haug, 1905)
Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage, (~96 Million Years)
Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, South Morocco
Ifezouane Formation, Red Sandstone Beds
21.2 mm   •    in
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Beautiful tooth of this rare durophagous fish. It is one of the many extinct lungfish species that dominated the fluvial ecosystems in the Mesozoic Era. During the lower Cretaceous, this species was especially abundant in the sites in the south of Morocco, together with other important dinosaurs such as the Spinosaurus or the Carcharodontosaurus. It does not have any restoration or reparation.

The abundant fish fauna which can be found in the cretaceous layers of the Kem Kem Basin is large and varied. Recently Cavin et al., (2015) made an important revision of the cretaceous association of continental fish in the south of Morocco. Link: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0125786

This species is always characterized by 5 to 7 crests, the crests, except the first two, are oriented posteriorly since their origin and the lingual margin is curved.

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