30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France
30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France 30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France 30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France 30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France 30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France 30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France

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30354 - Well Preserved 0.83 Inch Proetus granulosus Devonian Trilobite - France

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† Proetus granulosus
Devonian, (~390 Million Years)
Vireux, France
Vireux Devonian Outcrops
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 † Proetus, Steininger 1831 (trilobite)
Trilobita - Proetida - Proetidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 21327

Synonym: Forbesia McCoy 1846 (taxon 338906)

Full reference: J. Steininger. 1831. Observations sur les fossiles du calcaire intermediaire de L'Eifel. Mémoires de la Société géologique de France 1(15):331-371

Parent taxon: Proetidae according to P. A. Jell and J. M. Adrain 2002

See also Begg 1950, Carroll 1988, Chatterton and Perry 1977, Owens 1973, Sepkoski 2002 and Warburg 1925

Sister taxa: Aayemenaytcheia, Ameropiltonia, Analocaspis, Archegonus, Australokaskia, Basidechenella, Belgibole, Benesovella, Bohemiproetus, Bollandia, Breviphillipsia, Carbonocoryphe, Carbonoproetus, Chaunoproetus, Chlupacula, Chuanqianoproetus, Comptonaspis, Conophillipsia, Cornuproetinae, Crassiproetus, Cyphinioides, Cyrtodechenella, Cyrtoproetus, Cyrtosymbolinae, Cystispina, Dechenella, Deltadechenella, Diacoryphe, Drevermannia, Drevermanniinae, Elimaproetus, Elliptophillipsia, Engelomorrisia, Eocyphinium, Erbenaspis, Erbenites, Eremiproetinae, Exochops, Falcatoproetus, Fuscinipyge, Georhithronella, Gerastos, Globusia, Griffithidella, Hamiroproetus, Hassiabole, Hedstroemia, Helioproetus, Helokybe, Hesslerides, Hunanoproetus, Kaskia, Keidelia, Kollarcephalus, Lacunoporaspis, Latiglobusia, Latiproetus, Linguaphillipsia, Liobole, Liobolina, Longiproetus, Lugalella, Luojiashania, Mannopyge, Menorcaspis, Microspatulina, Mirabole, Monodechenella, Moschoglossis, Myoproetus, Nitidocare, Nunnaspis, Orbitoproetus, Ormistoniella, Osmolskia, Paladin, Palpebralina, Panibole, Paraglobusia, Parvidumus, Pedinocoryphe, Pedinodechenella, Perexigupyge, Phaseolops, Phillibole, Phillibolina, Philliboloides, Phillipsia, Phillipsiidae, Piltonia, Plesiowensus, Podoliproetus, Praedechenella, Pragoproetus, Prantlia, Proetidellinae, Proetinae, Pseudodechenella, Pseudodudu, Pseudoproetus, Pseudospatulina, Pseudowaribole, Pudoproetus, Reediella, Rhenocynproetus, Rhenogriffides, Richterella, Ryckholtia, Schaderthalaspis, Schizoproetina, Schizoproetoides, Schizoproetus, Semiproetus, Sevillia, Silesiops, Simaproetus, Skemmatopyge, Spatulata, Spinibole, Spinibolops, Tawstockia, Tetinia, Thebanaspis, Thigriffides, Triproetus, Tropidocare, Tropidocoryphinae, Typhloproetus, Unguliproetus, Warburgellinae, Waribole, Weberides, Weyeraspis, Winiskia, Winterbergia, Witryides, Xenadoche, Xenocybe, Yuanjia

Subtaxa: Proetus (Bohemiproetus), Proetus (Coniproetus), Proetus (Crassiproetus), Proetus (Gerastos), Proetus (Neoproetus), Proetus (Phaeton), Proetus (Proetus), Proetus ainae, Proetus alaricus, Proetus baltensis, Proetus blandi, Proetus canalis, Proetus chambliensis, Proetus clelandi, Proetus cuvieri, Proetus fardenensis, Proetus interjectus, Proetus scoticus, Proetus simus, Proetus subtriangularis

View classification

Type: Proetus cuvieri

Ecology: fast-moving low-level epifaunal deposit feeder

Environments: marine (62 collections), reef, buildup or bioherm (22), carbonate (21), shallow subtidal (11), offshore (6), deep subtidal ramp (6), offshore shelf (6), deep subtidal shelf (5), open shallow subtidal (3), slope (3), coastal (2), transition zone/lower shoreface (2), shoreface (2), lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal (1), sand shoal (1), offshore ramp (1)

Age range: 455.8 to 268.0 Ma


• Permian of Ukraine (1 collection)

• Osagean of Canada (1: Northwest Territories)

• Carboniferous of Belgium (3), Canada (1: Northwest Territories), United States (5: Iowa, Kentucky)

• Mississippian of United States (2: Alaska)

• Devonian of Australia (5), Austria (1), Canada (16: Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario), Colombia (1), the Czech Republic (15), France (2), Germany (3), Italy (2), Morocco (7), the Russian Federation (4), Spain (1), Ukraine (1), United States (26: Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia), Vietnam (4)

• Silurian to Devonian of Austria (1), Morocco (1)

• Silurian of Australia (3), Austria (1), Belarus (1), Canada (33: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec), China (4), the Czech Republic (4), Estonia (8), Greenland (2), Latvia (1), Norway (2), Paraguay (1), Poland (1), Sweden (13), Ukraine (22), the United Kingdom (17), United States (22: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Oklahoma, Wisconsin)

• Ordovician of Canada (8: Ontario, Quebec), China (1), Portugal (1), the Russian Federation (1), Sweden (11), the United Kingdom (2), United States (10: Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee)

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