A - Unique Juvenile Anomalocaridid Aegirocassis benmoulai Ordovician Fezouata. Order Sébastien

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A - Unique Juvenile Anomalocaridid Aegirocassis benmoulai Ordovician Fezouata. Order Sébastien


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Aegirocassis benmoulai, Van Roy & Briggs (2011) - Anomalocaridid
Lower Ordovician, Tremadocian stage (~480 Million Years)
North of Zagora, South Morocco
Lower Fezouata Formation (Outer Feijas Group)
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A - Unique Juvenile Anomalocaridid Aegirocassis benmoulai Ordovician Fezouata. Order Sébastien

Observations: Exceedingly rare unique juvenile filter-feeding anomalocaridid Aegirocassis benmoulai head.

Aegirocassis is an extinct genus of anomalocarid arthropod belonging to the family Hurdiidae that lived 480 million years ago during the early Ordovician. It is known by a single species, Aegirocassis benmoulai. A fossil of A. benmoulai from the Fezouata biota, Morocco was discovered by and named after Mohamed Ben Moula, a fossil collector who recognized its rare characteristics and brought it to the notice of a professional paleontologist, Peter Van Roy, at the Ghent University in Belgium.

The conservation of soft parts in the fossil record is somewhat exceptional and only occurs under certain and exclusive taphonomic conditions. For example, anoxic substrates without oxygen, where the organic matter has difficulty decomposing.

The Fezouata Formation occurs in the lower part of the Lower to lower Middle Ordovician Outer Feijas Group, in the western, central and eastern Anti-Atlas
Mountains, southern Morocco (Destombes et al.1985; Gutierrez-Marco & Martin 2016).

It has only one small glued fracture. No restoration. Unique.
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