R272 & R306 Basilosaurus tooth + Cornuproetus - Darren Order
R272 & R306 Basilosaurus tooth + Cornuproetus - Darren Order R272 & R306 Basilosaurus tooth + Cornuproetus - Darren Order

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R272 & R306 Basilosaurus tooth + Cornuproetus - Darren Order

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R272 & R306 Basilosaurus tooth + Cornuproetus - Darren Order
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R272 - Nicely Prepared "Flying" 1.18'' Cornuproetus sp Middle Devonian Trilobite

SPECIES Cornuproetus sp, Richter and Richter (1919) - Trilobite
AGE Middle Devonian, (~393 Million Years)
LOCATION Ofaten, South Morocco
FORMATION Ofaten Middle Devonian outcrops
SIZE 30 mm • 1.18 in
REF. R272

Observations: Nicely prepared specimen. Prepared as partial "flying" free standing.


R306 - Finest Grade Rare 2.75'' Basilosaurus Molar Rooted Tooth Eocene Archeocete

SPECIES Basilosaurus (Archeocete) - Whale ancestor
AGE Middle - Late Eocene, Bartonian stage (~40 Million Years)
LOCATION Dakhla, Western Sahara, South Morocco
FORMATION Boujdour Basin, Middle-Late Eocene Outcrops
SIZE 70 mm • 2.75 in
REF. R306

Observations: Rare specimen from an early evolutionary stage of the modern whale. In the phosphate basins of the Moroccan Western Sahara, the fossil record of these enormous vertebrates is very well represented, of this type of cetaceans that speak of an evolutionary transition from land to sea.The protocetids had large fore-limbs and hindlimbs that could support the body on land, and they were most likely amphibious capable of living on land and in the sea.

Rooted molar specimen. It has some tiny glued but no restored fractures in the root.

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